Sunday, August 22, 2010

urth adventures

little lucy and i enjoying our urth date

dress: probably one of the best finds ever: $20 at target

bought this headband at the renegade craft fair from molly gee [see her stuff here]. i love it and wear it so much i should have gotten at least 5. they're perfect for those "i have no idea what to do with my hair" days. ordering more from her asap!

seeing people that dress in a way that inspires me just simply makes my day every time.


Monica said...

Amazing! Keep up the good work!

Kelly said...

Lucy and Emmie, my two favorite ladies :)

Anonymous said...

hey girlie! this is lindsey. i'm in the pics from urth :) they turned out super cute. it's always refreshing to meet nice people.. so thanks for approaching me and brit!

i added you onto my bloglovin, as well!
here's a link to my blog, i'm just kinda getting started :: :: but i gave you a lil shout out and feature!