Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my love for jcrew only grows. exponentially.

adam brody, katie holmes, josh duhamel, malin akerman, jeremy strong, rebecca lawrence for j.crew


holy mother of pearl. you are gorgeous. and so are you, dear dress.

pretty women.

i will always love j.crew, but they've really outdone themselves this time. i was just at the americana (glendale) location tonight and almost bought the entire store. the color story and fabrications they have going on right now are to die for. ohhhh j.crew, throw yourself at me?
found on: popsugar


Cara Rule said...

Just got the catalogue and could have eaten the whole thing for breakfast! Whoever is designing and styling for them deserves an award. I only wish their bottoms fit me!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I don't usually like JCrew, but this is awesome. Also want to steal Katie Holme's whole outfit.