Tuesday, August 31, 2010

daily faves

because she's wearing a burlap bow tie. and because she's beautiful.
because of the shoe sock combo. because the shoes are forever 21. because her dress is adorable. because she's hungry and i am too.

because they're cool and i want one.
found on: fashion like herion

because i'm just becoming more and more obessed with these shoes combined with socks.
found on: sea of shoes


LUU H. said...

i want those mary janes so badly ! pitty, that norway dont have f21 =(

iDiodora said...

i love this miu-miu shoes =))

TOPCOAT said...

Love the first photo and the Miu Miu shoes! xx


MxGoddess said...

The necklaces are a bit nasty lol, but love the shoe/sock combo as well. I'm glad you can pull that off cause I sure can't lol.

Fredrik said...

Love the Pictures, nice blog as well, glad i found it.


Violetta E. said...