Thursday, July 29, 2010

stumbled upon some looks i love...

Hellooo Twenty8Twelve!
(by: sienna miller)
loving the cut of this shirt--and how professional it looks but then paired with the cut offs for a little bit of "flirt."
The tie of that last shirt is carried over here to the skirt--still paired with this casual denim top which i love and i'm definitely liking this crop corset. how freakin' cute for summer.

this shirt, i definitely would love to own. i remember having one of my favorite shirts when i was little be one that tied right at the belly button. not only is it fun to reminisce, but look at how cool that shirt tail is in the back. styling of this outfit (and all of these really!?)--top notch.
this is just flat out cool. i wish i were this cool!
about to take on the world, apparently! doo itt girl!
talk about an incredible one piece. i would wear this every day to the beach if i owned it. in love with this cut.
moral of the story: i'm Twenty8Twelve's newest, biggest fan!

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