Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wanting Summertime

This week has been extremely busy for my (and the entire office's) work life. Not only am I playing catch up from my sickie week last week, but we're shipping for a new market and things are just crazy! What I'd really love to do this weekend is lay by the pool for hours and hours! I want summertime! I also realllllllyyyy am wanting to add a faded pop of color to my hair sometime soon. I've been seeing it everywhere! [FADED] hot pink, blue, teal, another suggestion???? What do I do?? 

Image one from Little Plastic Horses
Image two from Little Fashion Bird


MOMO said...

so nice photo. COOL.
xoxo from Japan.

We are Marbled said...

Nice blog!!

I love this pictures!!


Opposite lipstick said...


Aahna said...

I love the last picture, i feel like dying my hair right now!

Tonya said...

LOVE THESE PHOTOS! so perfect.
I think ombre hair in general is i think any colors would be cool!